CALLING ALL KIDS….The Chef Jeff’s® Kids Fruit & Vegetable Collection is specially selected for you!

Do you love being outdoors? Do you love playing in the soil? Do you love watching things grow? If you do, then this is your chance to watch the little green leaves of your first garden grow. The leaves will quickly turn into large, colorful vegetables and fruits that are fun and easy to care for. All they need is sunlight, fresh air and plenty of water every day – just like you!

Collect and plant just one or all of the fruit and vegetable characters in this garden-friendly series with fun names such as: Sherry Berry, Beanzy the Pole Bean, Luke the “Cuke”, Colonel Cobb Sweet Corn, Peter Pumpkin, Tommy Tomato, Wally Watermelon, Gordy the Birdhouse Gourd, and The Cherry Gang Tomatoes!

Every day Chef Jeff’s introduces kids to the joy and discovery of gardening; however, it is also a collection for the whole family to become involved in. Together you can prepare healthy lunches and recipes, help cook meals with what you’ve harvested, and even join in craft activities. Together you can enjoy and eat the food you have grown. You see, gardening is fun for everyone!

Healthy, homegrown vegetables are simple and easy to grow in sunny locations of your own backyard garden space or in pots on the patio. Growing and eating healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables just tastes better when you grow it yourself and share it with others! For growing tips and more information:

Sherry the Berry
Strawberries are the natural sweet treats of the garden and Sherry the Berry strawberry is every kids favorite. She’s shaped like a heart and heart healthy too! Did you know 8 medium size strawberries have more vitamin C than an orange? This year, add Sherry the Berry for red ripe strawberry goodness in your garden!

Beanzy the Pole Bean
Do you know the Jack and the Beanstalk story? Well, Beanzy the Pole Bean is here as another vigorous growing bean! And just for fun you can plant beans, like Beanzy, around a tepee made with tall poles tied together with twine at one end, leaving an opening between two of the poles. As pole beans grow, they form a cool, dark tent where kids can have a secret hideout. Pole beans should be picked when they are young and bursting with flavor. Beanzy the bean makes a nutritious snack straight from the vine or cooked and served as a side dish. Try growing pole beans in your garden and see if they make you feel like a kid again!

Luke the “cuke”
One of the most popular homegrown vegetables that is just right for beating the summer heat! Cucumbers are low in fat, sodium and calories and high in water and crunch! No summer garden or salad is complete without a cucumber like Luke. Have you heard the saying, “As cool as a cucumber”? That is because cucumbers are 96% water, which makes them feel cool inside. Will you be “cool” too and grow Luke the “cuke” in your garden this summer?

Kernel Cobb
The sweet corn is the classic summer vegetable for both kids AND adults!! He’s crunchy, sweet and so easy to grow and prepare! Do you know the secret to perfectly cooked corn on the cob? It’s adding just a touch of sugar to the water. This will create juicy corn kernels that literally pop off the cob when you take a bite. Of course smearing the corn cob with butter and salt helps too! You’ve seen kids faces light up when you tell them they’re having sweet corn for lunch, dinner or a picnic. Imagine what will happen when you tell them you’re going to grow Kernel Cobb in your very own home garden!

Peter Pumpkin
The tradition of growing your own pumpkin, like Peter, is one you don’t want to miss out on! Did you know you can even personalize your own pumpkin? While pumpkins are young and the skin is still soft, scratch your name into the skin. The name will become larger as your pumpkin grows. This is a fun choice for a beginning gardener or young children who are learning about plants. Surprise your kids and grow a carving pumpkin like Peter in your garden this year!

Tommy Tomato
One of the best things about summer is the fresh tomato season. There are few things that better celebrate the the summer months than the juiciness of a vine-ripened tomato, like Tommy. Did you know that he has even more health-benefiting properties than an apple? And is a more popular fruit than even the banana! Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and are high in antioxidants which help protect the body from cancer and heart disease. Growing Tommy the Tomato in your garden this year will be both delicious and nutritious for you and your family.

Wally Watermelon
Everyone loves Wally the Watermelon in the summertime and who doesn’t have a memory of biting into a huge slice of watermelon with the juice running down their chins? Wally is colorful, healthy and tasty – both a kid and crowd favorite! Kids will even have fun finding out if their watermelon is ripe by giving the side a “thump” to see if it sounds hollow. Will you make room in your garden for the sweet crunch of this summer picnic favorite?

Gordy the Birdhouse Gourd
Gordy is more than just a gourd, he’s also a garden craft! This is a project anyone can do that will even attract songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, swallows, bluebirds, and nuthatches, to name a few. Gordy is a vigorous vine that is best grown on a fence or trellis. If you have children, a sunny spot and enough room to do it, will you grow a craft project, like Gordy, in your garden this summer?

The Cherry Gang Tomatoes
Let’s talk tomatoes and how your kids will love to eat these sweet little red tomatoes by popping them into their mouths like candy! The Cherry Gang is used in all kid favorites – ketchup, pizza, and spaghetti sauce to name a few. Tomatoes are an excellent source of vitamins A and C and are high in antioxidants which help protect the body from cancer and heart disease. Tomatoes are even good for the eyes. Growing The Cherry Gang in your garden this year will be both delicious and nutritious for you and your family.

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